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NEET & KCET Package

NEET & KCET Package

Total Duration : 200 Hours

Package Price : ₹ 10000


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Will be available from June 2020

 NEET+JEE Main Advanced Package & KCET 


Student Reviews
  • Reviews
    Sunil Boss
    October 11, 2019

    He’s absolutely awesome at teaching but sometimes the course matter seems a little bit rushed. This is a rare occurrence but I did find myself hung up a couple of times due to this.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    GJ JA
    October 03, 2019

    The class was fantastic. The exams were well made and portioned appropriately. The instructor was funny, knowledgeable, and willing to help students. The class material was splendid and made the class enjoyable overall. I would strongly recommend this instructor to any other student.

    / 5 Star
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