Are DevOps and Cloud Essential Assets in Digital Transformation?
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Are DevOps and Cloud Essential Assets in Digital Transformation?
The question we want to answer here is whether DevOps and Cloud are essential to such a transformation, and if so - why?
Are DevOps and Cloud Essential Assets in Digital Transformation?
Let's first consider DevOps and what it signifies for your digital transformation efforts. DevOps is also a fairly new concept to most people. DevOps is gaining in importance as most software companies are providing the software as a service, and operating their product on behalf of their customers. It refers to the participation of operations and development engineers in the entire service lifecycle of a product, from design through the development process to production support. It is also characterized by operations staff making use of many of the same techniques as developers for their systems work, automating agile methodology. DevOps changes development as a whole and specifically redefines cloud development by enabling responsive development in real-time to meet the needs of the business.

It's important to digital transformation lies in:

1. The DevOps culture and set of processes enable the creation and improvement of products at a much faster pace, offering continuous software delivery, improving functionality and encouraging innovation. The collaborative way of functioning also reduces complexity and encourages innovation and aids digital transformation efforts.

2. Companies today are required to change the way they function, they are required to shorten work cycles, increase the delivery frequency and experiment continually to ensure that their products are responsive and innovatively designed to meet the needs of their customers. DevOps meets these expectations.

3. With DevOps, developers are not working in silos anymore, not knowing what operations want. They don't write code and submit it and ignore the matter after that. They now have improved visibility into the way the application operates and are responsive and agile enough to make sure that it meets user needs.

4. DevOps is especially useful to a cloud development project as it improves application development speed-to-delivery to meet business needs faster, responding faster to user requirements and lowering the costs of development, testing, deployment, and operations.

5. The cloud platform offers a centralized enterprise system for DevOps to test its development, deploy it and go to production easily, without a distributed enterprise system which complicates such development.

6. Most private cloud computing providers support DevOps systematically on their platform, making DevOps cloud-centric to enable continuous integration and offering tools for continuous development, as well as centralized governance and control over the various departments.

Centralized development and shared test environments lead to waste while polluting the test data and creating a greater demand for resources. When leveraging cloud-based resources, the endless wait for capital resources to be approved and made available is over. With DevOps in the cloud, it becomes very easy to track the use of resources by application, developer, user, data, etc., lessening the need to track them separately. This mutual dependency is making DevOps drive the growth of the cloud, reinforcing each other while enabling the growth of the enterprise itself.

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